Trenton Lamont Williams, Sr. (born May 2, 1979), better known by his stage name Soul Williams (formerly DaMediator), is an American Hip Hop artist, graphic & web designer and entrepreneur.  Soul Williams is no stranger to music.  His passion for hip hop and music in general was birthed at a very young age by his large family.  Since then music/hip hop has played an extremely prominent role in his life.  Soul's musical influences range from Common to Sho Baraka, Mos Def & Talib Kweli to Swoope and to Marvin Gaye to The Foreign Exchange.  His vast knowledge in Hip Hop and Soul Music has helped him in defining the type of genre he would like to be a part of: Hip Hop Soul. All around Good music. With the upcoming debut of his first solo album Love, Soul; The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1 Soul is working hard to get his message heard, and  will be promoting his new album at venues across the city as well as online through various sites.  With collaborations from popular artists like Jabee, Sean C. Johnson and Legendary Producer Tall Black Guy (production credit such as The Foreign Exchange and Skyzoo just to name a few), this album is sure to be a hit. The concept of this album is seeing the world through “Rose Colored Glasses” and spreading the message of Love and The Good News combined through Music.  “The feel of this album is one that is sure to catch the ears of hip hop heads and soul music listeners alike. I believe they will be able to vibe and relate to what I’m delivering on the tracks. These letters are my story, my experiences and I wanted to be as transparent as possible.”  Soul has enough consciousness-stirring lyrics to make a listener sit up and think as they nod to his thick grooves. This record is rich and full of organic beats that balance his soulful vocal style. Soul Williams has worked with many artists throughout Oklahoma and other states.  He has traveled the country performing at various popular shows and venues.  Soul first got his start in ministering and performing, with the group The Mobsters of Light in early 2005. After many successful years together and after much prayer, Soul decided it best to depart from the group and pursue his own unique style of music. Since then Soul has been on a mission to create a sound that is classic and timeless. “I want to become another voice that bridges the gap between the listeners of Mainstream Hip Hop and Christian Hip Hop. I want them to all meet together and appreciate the Art and the Spirit behind what I do! I want to establish a Solid fan base that follows what we do no matter what. I want Love! I don't give it to get it back so to speak, but it would be nice to receive it back! I want Jesus to be known and Famous! I want [LOL] (Live out Love) Music to become a voice that "The People" look for and listen to!”  - Soul Williams "The method in which, Soul Williams fuses pure unconditional Love, Hip Hop and Soul Music is unequivocal. God is birthing an experience created to reach the hearts of the rejected, lost, hurt, confused, misunderstood and forgotten and he is doing that through the voice, the sound and the message of Soul Williams." - Rozie Turner "I believe that, as an artist, Soul has a passion to authentically express himself as a human being and as a believer in Christ. ... I believe that there is a poetic fire that burns deep inside of him that he desires to be unleashed, and I believe that it will be unleashed with the release of his new project." - Apocalyptic 
Good Times: I’m Good

Good Times: I’m Good

“Music heavily inspired by Family and Life itself”, stated Soul Williams. Here are some small Musical snapshots of what Good Times look like from my focal point. To coming home from a 2 week work hitch, hearing the sound of my kids welcoming me home and me loving on my wife and kids to spending time with my extend family on Thanksgiving. Music like this never felt so good. Enjoy as I bring you all in to catch a glimpse of some of my “Good Time” moments. S/O to Sean C. Johnson and Beast for contributing to this timeless track! Produced by Beast

I Give You P.O.W.er (Power Of Words)

The 1st Lost Musical Letter found from the Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective. #IGiveYouPower was inspired by Words heard from the Late Great Maya Angelo on the topic of “The Power Of Words” and just the compassion I have for “Confession”. I truly believe that it’s Power in what you say. With this Musical Letter, I want to challenge the listener to always try to be mindful and watch what you confess over yourself and over others. You literally possess the “Power of Life and Death” in your tongue – Proverbs 18:21. The creative approach of the letter was similar to what Nas did on “I Gave You Power” on the 96′ release “It Was Written”, when he rapped from the perspective of a “Gun”. Similar concept, just replace the “Gun” with our “Tongue”. I pray that you are challenged and inspired! Thank you for listening!

Revolutionary Minds co-author(s) Apocalyptic, Sean C. Johnson, Double and Kadence

Revolutionary Minds | Composed by: Kadence for Air Tight Productions | co-authors: Apocalyptic, Double, Kadence and Sean C. Johnson | Twitter/Instagram: @soulwilliams @apocrevolution @double_atl @kadenceokc @seancjohnson

Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1

Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1 | Composed by Tall Black Guy, Beast, So For Real Productions, Kadence for Air Tight Productions, Best Kept Secret, Scootbeatz and Boonie Mayfield | Twitter: @soulwilliams | Facebook: /soulwilliams | Instagram: @soulwilliams

More Love

Soul Williams (@soulwilliams) – More Love | Produced by Tall Black Guy (@tallblackguyproductions)The first single or what I like to call it #MusicalLetter #1 | Written by Trenton Williams, Rozie Turner & Terrel Wallace | Vocal Arrangements by: Rob Clay | Background Vocals: Trenton & Charmaine Williams | Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1 | Reaching your ears December  Fourteenth Two Thousand Thirteen [2013]

About Love, Soul

Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, is exactly what the title is. A Collective of personal Musical Letters of life experiences. These letters are written with Love x Grace x Transparency x Relevancy. My Hopes is that these Musical Letters in someway motivate, inspire, entertain and challenge you. God is Love... Receive Love... It's FREE!!! To download Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1 type in the address bar: http://tinyurl.com/LSMLCP1-DAV

[Live Out Love] Daily


Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1

Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1 Download it for Free HERE, **NEW RELEASE DATE***December 14, 2013

2013 / 12 / 09
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Soul Williams Story Tellers

On Saturday, December 14, 2013 Live Out Love Music will be hosting Soul Williams Story Tellers: The Musical Letters Album Release. The event will be held at IVVC 4501 North Meridian Ave OKC, OK 73112. Doors open at 8pm. Show starts at 8:30pm!!

2013 / 11 / 20
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1st Musical Letter Released: More Love

On November 1, 2013 I released my first #MusicalLetter entitled #MoreLove | Produced by Tall Black Guy (who has produced for artists such as The Foreign Exchange and Skyzoo just to name a few.) #MoreLove was released on several online outlets as a FREE Download, sites like Rapzilla, JamTheHype, DJ Wade-O and Z180Radio. Stay tuned for #More music!

2013 / 11 / 01
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