Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, Part 1

by Soul Williams

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Love, Soul: The Musical Letters Collective, is exactly what the title is. A Collective of personal Musical Letters of life experiences. These letters are written with Love x Grace x More Love. My prayer is that these Letters in someway get you stirred up, motivated, inspired, entertained, challenged and most importantly become curious if you don't know Jesus to get to know him and if you do know Jesus, appreciate my perspective on how he's made me a better man.


released December 14, 2013

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Soul Williams Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: pg01: Introspective [Randomly Speaking]
Introspective [Randomly Speaking]

I'm Crae Crae
Enough to believe that, one day
that Kanye
Would find his way back to Yahweh
For real, and not for play play
And then we would all applaud his cause like Marcus Graham to Strangé
Y'all prob-blay think my sights, a little blurred
Through these Rose Colored Glasses I can only see the word
At times I can seem just a little bit dramatical
But showin Love to every Soul is just something that I have to do
So who u Lovin who u wanna be huggin
Brothers be buggin
Seekin fame leads to nuthin
Bangin and bustin
On the street corners hustlin
That boy Crae is on a mission to win them if they would listen
He switched his position never switched his intentions
Now half that once was with him wanna try to dismiss him (Yeah)
Pray for the boy cut that man a lil slack
Have his back don't act like you aint never been attacked
He needs us
This is [Randomly Speaking] that is...
1st Corinthians 12:12-31
Track Name: pg02: Revolutionary Minds co-author: Apocalyptic, Double, Kadence & Sean C. Johnson
Soul Williams
Since I'm in a position to talk to the people and they listen
My conviction's mission to overthrow this wicked system, uh
Who walked this earth surface perfect
Never hurt a person but purposely
Purged and pruned every goon
You'd assume, Christ is who I'm referring too
Your presumed gloom is now removed just like tumors
And Life is beautiful,
Revolutionary is the strain of this brain
Being changed to never complain but remain under
The Blood Banner (Blood Stained)
My grammar shatter beat opposition like cookie batter
I babble and chatter in the presence of Hosanna
I aint from Alabama but I rep the crimson tide
His crimson blood cleanses us like tide, get it, tide the soap?
We pushin hope like dope from every channel
Church folk handle matters at times in the manner of cannibals
Our mission is to change the view of what you're used to seeing
We peddle truth to youth in they schools, give them a reason
To start believing, tis the season to stop the bleeding
We pleading the blood of Jesus from classrooms to coliseums, uh
But I'm not a Pop star, Rock-N-Roller,
I ma Rebel, blessed! able to hold a
Conversation, that'll change men
Locked up for ion's for inferior thinking
This is Revolutionary, reading slave thoughts their obituaries
Enlightening the people till the Messiah freaks the sequel

Sean C. Johnson (Hook)
We got too many boys on the block
Posted up with the rock
But they probably and throwing “sky-hooks”
So you sho-nuff right
Step up on the mic
it ain’t all about the microphone check one-two
Got me checking every line
Cause every line could renew another mind
And in time, we can start a Revolution
Sit back watch me start a Revolution, Yeah

Revolutionaries coming with the intellect
Meticulous Intelligent, define it best as Heaven Sent
It's militant, a gift that's given from the King Who resurrected
Blood from thorny crowns can wash the soul just like an antiseptic
Check it, the streets are crying out for "Mercy, Please"
On bended knees, I take it to the Lord for Him to intercede
For God so loved the world, a world condemned but failed to see it/
Like a patient getting treatment for disease but won't receive it
The Gospel manifesto goes against the world's policies
Within The Matrix, Christ would be the ultimate anomaly
Honestly, I'm thankful for His grace; the church has got to be
The standard and stop being associated with hypocrisy
I'm not a contradiction if I kick it with the sinners
Jesus did the same, religious cats had labeled Him a villain
The Physician healing victims from their sin and all the symptoms
Take the Gospel to the ghetto; Great Commission to the millions


We do this for the least of
And those who In need of
Some freedom
Instead of religion we give em Jesus
We Revolutionaries
Take the City Back boy
We urban missionaries
I can understand why that boy deal dope
It's hard to see hope
At the end of his rope
And his kids need soap and a Meal ASAP
And the corner got bread where he can deal that crack
And he good at it
They say that paper corrupt morals and good habits
Live fast die young so he asthmatic
(Gasp) Short of breath and death around the corner
Spray the Mac at it
And I ain't much different
I just met the Savior
When you feel you in hell
You give up on the maker
(Yeah) That’s why we need some soldiers
To hold the banner up High
Cause the world is getting colder


See, on the news it's just another shooting
Another drug bust, another young cuffed, to them just another hoodlum
What is the church folk and reverends doing
Too many meetings and no execution
Time for a Revolution
Shock the culture like electrocution
Time for less excuses
Ignorance is the devils best illusion
You can bless the future
You can't make time for that?
You aint got time to give back?
What in the heck you doing?!
See, I came up round a bunch of thugs
I was going down that path until somebody showed me Love
Now I'm a living example of what it means to missional
No I'm not boasting I'm just giving you visuals
Daddy's not in the picture and mama incarcerated
They need to know they not a mistake and God don't hate em
What's goes around comes around
At some point
The same kids grow up rob you at gun point
Think about it!

Track Name: pg03: Respiration: OKC [Ode to a Classic] co-authors: Apocalyptic, LTZ, Addlib & Jabee
Soul Williams
The red sun peeked out the edge of the new skyline
Shining like “okay its ya’ll’s time”
People been passing through the city for way too long
Rogers and Hammerstein for the last time, this is a new song
O-K-C, I say it with stamina
Long road ahead of us, we keep holding the banner up
(Blood Stained)
We eating off manna as we headed to the Promise Land
New Highways and Bridges
Old heads show resistance
Young heads stay insistent
The growth is magnificent
Relentlessly press to shape a whole new significance
Conservative Right-Wing‘s in cahoots with roughnecks
Flex they pecks for respect when they pocket they oil checks
All Red state, Fallon wears like a badge of honor
Slaughtered our Native Fathers for the Almighty Dollar
Casinos keep popping up, Barkley taking shots at us
All because little ol’ we is so popular
You need to put ya stock in us
It aint a whole lot of us
Steadily moving upward so I’m grabbing my binoculars for this ride,
No shade on the city where I reside
Visualize the rise with me, meditate and close your eyes
In the buckle of the Bible Belt we shining like Rhinestones
Grinding like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble til our times gone
We disregard the time zone, my Reflection’s Eternal
Living proof of The Word until the Truth returns
You might see 10 gallons hats, snakeskin boots and wrangler denims
And just a few blocks east white tees and dickeys creased
You could lose ya teeth, we need clues for Peace
No, this aint no time for the usual and suitable
The racial lines and crime rise is indisputable
We slip and slide thru the slime and plow through the bull
New gun laws formed “Open/Carry” is the new solution
But what we gon do when Err body start shooting
We… finally winning and we already losing
With a Church on every corner, we got a clear resolution
Somebody gotta do it and we know who we are
The City needs mouth to mouth and this is CPR

Inhale the life rhythm
Oklahoma City keepin' it live, an organism
Exhale the negativity
My people if you feel me say OK CITY! (2x)

A yo, inhale exhale the city's organism
More than 20 years, was formed inside it's reproductive system
Respiration from the Spirit, city's heart defibrillation
Yo, the city can be gritty, and it needs resuscitation
Oklahoma City knows the pain of loss, a heartbroken
1995, some kids lost their mom in the explosion (Yo)
It's enough to get in cardiac arrest
With poverty and inner-city violence, yes, it is a mess (Check it)
There's still hope just like the lighthouse on the lake
The Son of Righteousness will shine, the skyline illuminates (Yo)
I lost a little homie several weeks ago
His soul escaped his body through the exit of a bullet hole
So, city life is finite, use the time to shine light
Salt upon the Earth so you can hear the truth and find Christ
The Bread of Life is the key to respiration
Oklahoma City look to Jesus, He's our true salvation


From the Northside with Love
From the Northside by Blood
Funny thing the first person embrace me was a cuz
73120 if you ain't know
It's some places round here that you can't go
Somewhere in between the stars and being famous
In between the plastic gun and the stainless
In between the ground and where ever Lui Kang is
Kickin it, flippin it younger kids ain't gettin it
My parents probably think I'm out there rappin
But I'm sellin it hand to hand
Out there dappin
Now they looking at me like "Son what happened?"
Only thing I can give em is a late reaction
Rappin in inhaler is all I need
I'm really sick and tired of sayin RIP
So I'm a do everything on these beats
Roll a gotee and red hat just for CP

Breathe out then breathe in
Learning from loses as I catch my second wind
Remain transparent like oxygen
Life sentences spilling out this pen
I die everyday yet I still breathe and inhale
Would rather die now then later won't see me in hell
Looking past the smoke and mirrors what they feeding is stale
Feel the word pretend as if you're reading in Braille
Never claimed to be king no im not the next heir
What I exhale is different a breathe Of fresh air
My mind expands just like my lungs
Hands in movement but the soul is where I write this from
Speak the truth won't bite my tongue
Take a stand like where the mic is hung
Not afraid to pass even though I like this one
After my last breath it's a better life that comes


Everywhere I go they say keep it Real G
My reply til kill me
Hoping that they feel me
Guilty but I’m Loving every minute
Gifted livin in my city limits
Vision every spitting image
My foot print carved in it
God given
Odd even God image
Hardly a body Godly livin
So I'm raggin with these vacant thoughts
Stay complacent till I make it off
Or make it work
Stay breathing I can feel my city heartbeatin
I write rhyme to it
Call it Divine music
Inclined by how my time’s movin
That's fast pace
Life is a fast race
Gas face for those that don't get it hold my home sacred
So basic how they trace it
I bend move and lace it
Refuse to be complacent
Chose to be evasive
Indelible no erasing...WHAT
Track Name: pg05: Misunderstood [My Perspective]
Little black boy lost
That's how they see him
confused human being
no reason to believe him
He stays fly with a purpose and agenda
with intentions to inspire with Jesus Christ at the center
Don't wanna sound like the clergy, nerdy, or puffed up
Misunderstanding making it tough, so he's down on his luck
He stays, in his word so he never gives up
He struts in his chuck's saying what's up to young pups
Cause He's the big dog, not talking Glenn Robinson
But, more like Jackie, Why do my own people attack me
asking, from the church feels like he should have, more backing
Could have devoted his passion to fashion or acting
Lacking the proper view of him, they plot and plan his ruin
Lord forgive them, they don't know what their doing
Never stops pursuing the mark of the High call
He may stumble and fall but he still gives his All
His model of choice is the Christ the Messiah
He wonders why he cant get any higher, but can a
student exceed the the works of his master
He endures the jeers and the laughter, but they don't know what He's after
He's misunderstood, Really he's confused himself
Am I out for approval or am I out to help?
He asks himself daily as he reflects in the mirror
What was Jesus' motive But hold up (Hold Up, Hold Up)

Jesus was perfect not a blemish on his record
Clean as whistle, but they still launched missiles
Grenades and daggers to shatter his credentials
They saw Him as a problem, he only saw their potential
Knew what He was getting into, but it still messed with his mental
perplexed in His ventricles, He sacrificing His Temple
Blood and water gushed out from the piercing of a soldier
Cautionarily done for closure, to make sure that it was over
Who could ever smolder the Glow, of a supernova
Blow for blow he stood and shouldered, uh
The sins of the world
The King of all Kings with all power in His hand
traded it in for the redemption of all Man
He could have summoned a host of angels to mangle every single hater
but He was greater, He traded my failures for HIS favor
just a meek and lowly soul, who's intentions are good,
My Lord even Jesus was Misunderstood.