More Love [Musical Letter #1]

by Soul Williams

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Produced By: Tall Black Guy (TBG)


released November 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Soul Williams Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: More Love
More Love - Soul Williams

Verse 1:
Amore that’s what, they say in Rome and
My story fits the same category
In everything I do wanna give God glory
But with no love I'm a phony.
Loud brass cymbals, noisy only
Lord, come up on me,
Interrupt my testimony
Change the way I treat all the homeys
Let them see the God in me and not just the old me
Let my kids see Ur love when I'm with they Mommy.
And if I mess up then let them see that Daddy’s sorry
Cause pride kills more lives than ten armies
Love’s not puffed up, and it always trusts
And it’s a must that I grow in this area
The lack of love on this planet is causing rampant hysteria
And it will only get scarier
If we don't hurry up
What the world needs now
Is Love sweet Love.

Let's find a way
Lord I pray
What we need is more love.
Send me a little bit right now
Show me how
How to give it
More Love

Verse 2:
Oh God you know I love beats and melodies
Protect my ears from what these kiss ups be tellin me
They could have my head swole up like a beach ball.
And everything I'm spittin in rhymes don't even reach Yall.
I hope that you can feel Gods love when I greet Yall
And don't feel condemned when I teach Yall
We all need more love like Trayvon needs his justice.
Like his family needs prayers
Like hip hop needs substance.
Discussions and meetings like a town hall
On Love need repeating like days for groundhogs
Count all my blessings, make the best memories
For world hate problem and loves the best remedy
Don't approach it timidly, be bold and courageous
God LOVED us so much He sent His son to save us.
So blaze this track in your iPod, your playlist
Look at your neighbor and say this...

Chorus 2x


We all need more L-O-V-E, love